Your Car’s Fuel Pump

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Your Car’s Fuel Pump The fuel pump’s task is to send fuel from your car's gas tank to the engine. Fuel pumps are typically powered electrically and can be located either in or on the car’s fuel tank. The convenience and cost of fuel pump replacement is based on

Your Car’s Timing Belt

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Your Car’s Timing Belt Replacement A timing belt is simply a notched rubber belt that allows your car’s crankshaft to drive the camshaft which, as a result, opens and shuts the valves. Without a timing belt, the engine cannot run. Timing Belt Replacement in Chicago, IL There are a

Causes of a Noisy Muffler

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service - Causes of a Noisy Muffler Exhaust problems can often be diagnosed by listening to unfamiliar noises or just by taking a quick look beneath your vehicle. Probably one of the most frequent exhaust problems is a rattling noise, which could be caused by a number of different things. In

Common Suspension Problems

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service - Affordable Service for Cars and Trucks - A Look at Common Suspension Problems A vehicle's suspension system is built to optimize the friction between the road and the vehicle's tires, as well as improve driver comfort and steering stability. Suspension components like springs, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars and the