Common Suspension Problems

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service - Affordable Service for Cars and Trucks - A Look at Common Suspension Problems A vehicle's suspension system is built to optimize the friction between the road and the vehicle's tires, as well as improve driver comfort and steering stability. Suspension components like springs, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars and the

Escalade air conditioner

Tired of your new Cadillac Escalade air conditioner not working?  Tahoe, Suburban and Escalade all have air conditioning problems with their a/c condensers. General Motors has no idea when they will come in or get off back order. We have them in STOCK, ready for install or will ship out. 84219111 Escalade air conditioner OEM

Radiator repair

Triangle radiator is a company that has been working on radiators since 1966. We are staffed with some of the best radiator repair experts who can perform any radiator from a small forklift to the heaviest off road equipment. We stock new quality products and cores that include truck radiators, off road radiators, and heavy

Uber vehicle inspections

Uber vehicle inspections Uber Vehicle Inspections Uber vehicle inspections, have your vehicle inspected by Triangle auto. We will do a complete safety inspection along with filling out the vehicle inspections sheet from Uber. We will give you the copy of the sheet for you to upload to Uber. Uber Vehicle Inspections If there

shocks struts

When Chicago drivers think about shocks struts they don't consider them part of a preventive maintenance schedule, what usually comes to mind is oil, fluids or brakes. We normally do not think about our shocks struts, but these auto parts keep our tires on the road. shocks struts Chicago drivers don't consider shocks as often