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Mary Ellen J.

The best!
There has to be a few thousand auto shops around town- which one is the right one? Who can you trust?
Bryan, Paul and Gary are the best you can find! Honest, fair, quick, nice……..I’ve been using Triangle for 5 plus years now, 2 different cars and they are always reliable!

Brenda C.

Super friendly staff and honest about what your car needs or doesn’t need.

Monica J.

Triangle is one the most no nonsense, practical auto repair shops I have ever been to. My car battery was dead on a cold winter morning and they sent two guys over to my apartment to jump my car and follow me back to the shop for a new battery. I only live 1 minute away but still! To take the time and actually care is not something we see from most businesses these days.

Vince M.

Went for Winter Special coolant flush (by recommendation of Ashland Tire & Auto). By far the most affordable place to get this service done. They even gave me a ride back home, b/c they had a couple cars ahead of me. I went back again later in the month b/c my Jeep was still overheating on occasion. They made a quick temp. fix at no charge to get me rolling for awhile, but also gave me a detailed demonstration of how the cooling system works in my Jeep and what things I should do over the course of the year to get my system in prime condition. I went ahead and had some of it done right away at, once again, a very affordable price. Paul was a great help and easy to work with. I may update this to 5 stars later, after more time and experience.

Justin S.

i had been looking around for a good place to get my jeep fixed. i grew up in an automotive family. but because i live in the city. i have no way to work on my own car. i was looking for a good garage to fix my water pump. and this place just happened to be right under my nose. i live like two blocks from this place. and WOW! was i impressed. they did the job and a few other touch up repairs for FREE!!! i will go here as long as i live here. i have also referred them business. it’s always good to give back 🙂

Tammy C.

My husband gifted me with an awesome pre-owned VW convertible. I took it here to get a good ‘once over’. I was expecting to get a call telling me that the car needed some work, but nope, they called me to say that the car was flawless…..!

Chuck A.

there’s a reason this place has 5 stars! They are efficient. My car overheated…I showed up ….they diagnosed the problem and fixed it within a few hours! They even had a guy drive me back to work! Now, it wasn’t cheap but I don’t think they gouged me either. The convenience was worth what I payed!

Sarah E.

Although not geographically the most convenient garage from my house, I came on the recommendation of a family friend and couldn’t be more pleased.

Honest, easy to communicate with, and very friendly, Triangle is one of the few car-care places where I don’t have to call my dad for a second opinion.

Alexandra W.

They were prompt, efficient, and HONEST! While waiting for my car, I observed the team interact and listened to the head mechanic call a client to tell him that so much work was needed on his car that it was not in his best interest to throw money into the car, because it was shot.

Frank K.

It is very rare for people to be rewarded for doing good in this world so I want to break that mold and let the good workers at Triangle know that I appreciated the professional honest work they did on my 2004 jeep cherokee. This car has been good to me but when it goes wrong its been really pricey to fix. The guys at Triangle treated me like they would one of their friends and told me things to look out for in that they have seen in this make and model which were a couple of things that I had already had to replace.

Maria G.

P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L SERVICE! I say that with no reservations.

I am new to the neighborhood — heck, fairly new to Chicago overall. And you all know that means lots of trial and error, especially when it come to finding your mechanic. I know I hit the jackpot! All thanks to my fellow yelpers.

Jon G.

I live nowhere near this place but had one more car issue and took it to Triangle, happily passing by a boatload of other car repair places, and had a second great experience. Finding a car repair place you can trust is huge and I’ll gladly sacrifice the inconvenience of their location being nowhere near my home to know that I’ll be given reliably good service at a fair price.

Amy W.

Great Job! These guys fixed my car for the exact amount that I was quoted on the phone. They were nice on the phone and in person and I felt confident leaving my car there, which is odd for me with mechanics. They fixed it quickly too!

Melissa S.

Good mechanics are hard to come by. I had several mediocre or bad experiences in the city before I found Triangle. They are friendly, honest and knowledgeable, what more do you want in a mechanic? I trust them to tell me what’s really wrong with my car and not pad the bill like so many other places.

Alison K.

Triangle Auto Service is the best. I would refer EVERYONE to them because they do a fantastic job at a fair price. Gary, Bryan and Paul treat you “like family”.

Kerry M.

My 1990 Accord has had air conditioner issues for three years. I had been patronizing a shop in the northwest loop that obviously couldn’t pinpoint my system’s leak problem, but rather chose to just replace part after part (last season’s part du jour was the compressor $500, probably unnecessary) in the hope that eventually they would get to the bad part and I would have air again. DO NOT patronize a garage that uses the UV light leak detection method, insist on the “sniffer device” . These master mechanics at Triangle had me diagnosed immediately! Thanks Triangle!

Eric H.

I always go to these guys. I live in Roscoe Village, and go to school up near WI, and I still go to Triangle in Chicago.

I go here for oil changes, tune-ups, I’ve had my A/C recharged here, my serpentine belt changed, and numerous other smaller things done.

The big thing: they have earned my trust. Which is amazing. I mean, “auto mechanic” and “trustworthy” go together about as well as “attorney” and “moral authority”.

I recently drove from Chicago to Nashville (7.5 hrs) in my ’01 Monte Carlo, and beforehand took my car to Triangle and asked them to check everything out before my trip. They changed my serpentine belt, rotated my tires, plugged up a small hole in a tire, and changed my oil… but, they also told me of about 3 or 4 other things that I need to get checked out and fixed in the next few months. They didn’t press me to get them done, nor did he b.s. me about their importance.

Highly recommend.


Sarah Z.

Amazing customer service! I picked up a uhaul here recently and the staff was the best. Top notch. My initial pick up place had majorly screwed up my move and these guys came to the rescue. I was in and out in 10 minutes. THANK YOU VERONICA!

Pedro B.

read the reviews for this auto repair shop and decided to take my car here. I went to a different shop, they quoted over $1,500.00 in repairs. I needed to get a second opinion. These guys told me that all the car needed was a minor repair, that cost me only $290.00. WOW!!! An honest mechanic. I will come here again.

Logan K.

Triangle has THE BEST service and staff. Have you ever told yourself, “I wish there was a car repair shop that I could trust to do the job right at a fair price?”

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