Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Causes of a Noisy Muffler

Exhaust problems can often be diagnosed by listening to unfamiliar noises or just by taking a quick look beneath your vehicle. Probably one of the most frequent exhaust problems is a rattling noise, which could be caused by a number of different things. In most vehicles, the muffler sits in line with the exhaust pipe. Its task is to limit the sound made by the engine.

Noisy Muffler

Noisy Muffler Sounds

If you hear the loud sounds of metal components making contact with each other, it often means that something is hitting the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. A loosened bracket, a rubber hanger or connector that may be corroded can cause a muffler to rattle back and forth as the pipe rubs against other parts when the vehicle accelerates or travels on uneven roads.

When the various parts that serve to hold an exhaust system together start to malfunction and deteriorate it can result in misalignment within the system. When this occurs, a rattling sound frequently is the result. If the rattling is due to the muffler, it will probably originate close to the rear of the vehicle.

Warning Signs of Muffler Damage

If you believe that your vehicle is generating noises because of a muffler problem, have a look at your exhaust system. While loud rattling sounds are the most frequent sign, there are some other things to look for too. Look under your vehicle and examine the pipes that comprise the exhaust. Do you observe any rusted areas? Pay attention to the actual muffler and its heat shield. Do you detect any clear signs of deterioration? Also, take note of how your vehicle is running. If you start noticing reduced efficiency, you may have an exhaust leak in a pipe or it may be muffler damage.