Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Your Car’s Fuel Pump

The fuel pump’s task is to send fuel from your car’s gas tank to the engine. Fuel pumps are typically powered electrically and can be located either in or on the car’s fuel tank. The convenience and cost of fuel pump replacement is based on the vehicle’s design. Deciding to replace a fuel pump should occur only after it has been determined that the problem with the car is not electrical or related to something else.

Fuel Pump Replacement in Chicago, IL

Fuel Pump Replacement in Chicago, IL

The clearest indication that your fuel pump is not working is that your car will not start. (Not surprising if fuel is not getting to the engine.) One way to know if the fuel pump is faulty is if you switch the ignition on and you cannot hear the pump motor activating within the gas tank. Another sign is periodic loss of driving power, especially when acceleration or while traveling at highway speed. If the fuel pump seems to be all right the issue might be that the fuel pickup device in the fuel tank has become blocked and cannot deliver enough gasoline.

With a little good luck, your pump will endure just fine for the whole lifespan of your car. Fuel pumps are not typically a routine maintenance item, so replacement is usually done only as needed. Some vehicle owners opt to replace as part of preventive maintenance, but until the pump shows signs of malfunctioning there is typically no reason to do it. Many cars have filters that can get clogged, so the filter should be looked at and replaced if needed when a car is diagnosed due to issues with its pump.

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