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When to replace a vehicle’s shock absorbers and struts depends on a number of variables, such as how many miles on the vehicle and what kind of road surfaces those miles were on.

Shock Absorbers

When to Replace Shock Absorbers

These and other variables make it tough to put a certain amount of years or miles on how often shock absorbers will typically last. It is fairly typical for shocks and struts to last for ten years or even longer before needing replacement on a car that has travelled most of its miles on smooth roads.

Conversely, rough roads with potholes, cracks and ridges that run across the pavement and bounce the vehicle causes faster wear on shocks. For trucks in particular, frequently hauling heavy loads or driving on unpaved surfaces can cause excessive stress on shocks. Chicago’s winter weather and road salt can also cut down a car or truck’s shock absorber and strut lifespan.

Rather than using mileage or the car’s year of manufacture to determine when shocks should be replaced, consider the shocks as a sort of guide for when to your vehicle’s whole suspension should be assessed for parts wear, damages or leaks. Some shock absorber makers recommend replacing them at 50,000 miles. Our mechanics can do a thorough inspection and identify which parts need replacement.

The springs in your car or truck’s suspension are what does most of the shock absorption. Shocks and struts improve the ride and minimize the bouncing from when the springs compress and release. If you have observed that your car or truck has more bounce than usual or bottoms out when cross over railroad tracks, the shocks could be worn out or have a fluid leak. In either case they will need replacement.