Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Common Coolant System Problems

Steam billowing out from under your hood or a temperature warning light switching on are signs to pull off the road and turn off your vehicle before it overheats. These are leading signs of a problem with your vehicle’s cooling system.

Common Coolant System Problems

Common Coolant System Problems – Affordable Radiator Repairs and Replacement at Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – 4060 North Elston Avenue

Any sign of potential engine overheating is a major car problem, so it’s always best to stop driving the vehicle to avoid causing damages to it. Driving a vehicle with an overheated motor can result in warping cylinder heads and damaging the radiator or other parts like pistons, valves and camshafts. Allowing the engine to cool and then adding a 50/50 mix of water and coolant still might not resolve the problem. Here are some of the common reasons engines overheat:

The coolant level may be too low due to a leak in the radiator hoses or simply because it’s been too long since it was last topped off. When it gets too old, coolant loses its ability to prevent corrosion, allowing rust to start forming and resulting in damage.

The engine’s cooling fan has stopped working or the radiator’s cooling fins may be clogged, which limits the air flow needed to cool the engine cool.

The radiator cap may be faulty and no longer able to maintain sufficient pressure in the radiator.

The head gasket that maintains a seal between the cylinder head and engine block might be failing, permitting coolant fluid to leak into the combustion chambers.

The water pump may have stopped functioning, or the belt that drives it could be broken or slipped out of position.

Overheating can happen if, for example, you are pulling a trailer that is too heavy for your vehicle. This can exceed a vehicle’s cooling capacity. For repairs and maintenance for your vehicle’s radiator and coolant system, count on Triangle Radiator & Auto Service.