Vehicle Safety Items – Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Affordable Car Care for Chicagoland – Be Prepared – Essential Items To Have In Your Vehicle For Safety

With the unpredictable winter weather drivers face in Chicago, it’s hard to know exactly when you might need an emergency kit containing Vehicle Safety Items – which is why smart vehicle owners never take to the road without one. Here are a few must-have Vehicle Safety Items that belong in your vehicle at all times – especially during the cold weather.

Vehicle Safety Items

Vehicle Safety Items

*A first aid kit. From a minor injury or a nagging headache to something more serious in the event of an accident, a well-stocked first aid kit is among the most important things to have in any vehicle. A standard kit will typically have bandages, aspirins, disinfectant, gauze pads and other basics that can come in handy.

*A flashlight with fresh batteries. A flashlight is a must-have if your car breaks down at night. Confirm the batteries are fresh and carry extras too.

*Reflector triangles. Another essential in the event of a nighttime breakdown. Changing a flat tire along the roadside is dangerous. By placing reflector triangles in front of your vehicle, you’ll alert oncoming traffic and stay safe.

*Jumper cables and a tire pressure gauge. Make sure your jumper cables are no less than 16 feet long so it will be easy to connect vehicles if you’re not able to position them close together. If you need to change a flat tire, it’s always wise to check the tire pressure of your spare. Also, test to ensure that your car’s jack is functional.

*Water and non-perishable foodstuffs. Just like you never know when an emergency can happen, it’s also hard to know how long you might be waiting for roadside assistance. With a few bottles of water and other supplies, the wait for help will be much more tolerable.

*Snow shovel. Because you never know when you’ll need to dig your way out of a snow bank to get back on the road!

*Warm clothes and rain gear. Keep a warm hat, gloves and a rain poncho just in case you have to face the elements in a roadside emergency.

*Fire extinguisher. A car fire usually won’t burn out on its own, so keep a fully charged fire extinguisher in your trunk just in case.