Checking your vehicle’s maintenance interval is an important part of keeping your vehicle running smoothly. One part of the engineering process that goes into designing your vehicle is testing the parts and components to ensure that they meet durability and safety standards. Because of this, manufacturers have a good idea as to how long the parts in your vehicle should last under normal driving conditions, that’s how they determine a vehicle’s maintenance interval . This is one reason, they give us guidelines to follow regarding how often to inspect the various parts and systems on our vehicles. Manufacturers also publish guides on what needs to be inspected at certain mileage intervals, in order to prevent a worn part from failing.

Vehicle’s maintenance interval

Your vehicular components are required to meet certain standards. The government mandates some of the standards, others are set by up by the auto industry. Regular car maintenance schedules are put in place to help Chicago vehicle owners maintain these standards. Disregarding routine maintenance or putting off preventive maintenance will result in less performance and reduced safety for your vehicle.

Vehicle service interval

Vehicle service interval

The maintenance interval are designed to ensure three areas of automotive performance for Chicago drivers: protection of the vehicle itself, efficiency, and safety.


Your vehicle’s parts need protection from debris, road hazards, rust, and corrosion. Protective components does include filters and fluids.

Most of the fluids in your vehicle are there to keep the moving parts lubricated and protect the vehicle from corrosion, damage or harmful contaminants. The fluids need to be changed regularly, in order to continue protecting your vehicle.

Motor oil lubricates your engine, which keeps it running smooth, but it also contains other detergents and additives that help clean your engine, and keep it corrosion free. Your vehicle’s engine was engineered for optimum performance with a specific weight and type of motor oil. Chicago drivers should always be careful to use the correct engine oil for their engine.

Oil change Chicago

Oil change Chicago

Over time, the additives in motor oil are used up, and the oil becomes contaminated by dirt, water and waste gases from combustion. So in order to keep your engine running clean and keep it corrosion free, the oil has to be changed.


Over time, your vehicle’s components will get dirty and parts will begin to show wear. Cleaning dirty systems and replacing worn parts, replacing fluids, following maintenance interval, will improve the efficiency of your vehicle.

Your fuel system components gradually get clogged up with gum and varnish from gasoline, check your vehicle’s maintenance interval to eliminate the gum and varnish. This lowers fuel flow, which lowers your engine’s efficiency. Gas mileage drops as a result. Cleaning your fuel system will help restore and improve gas mileage.


Some of your vehicle’s systems must be maintained for safety reasons. Your brakes are a prime example of this. Brake pads and brake fluid need to be replaced in order to ensure good braking power. Poorly maintained brakes can lead to diminished braking distances. Brakes are checked with every oil change at Triangle auto service, in order to keep you aware of pad life.


Your owner’s manual is your resource when it comes to knowing when and how to maintain your vehicle. Of course, you can consult with your Triangle Auto Service service advisor. We can give you good auto advice on how your service schedule may change due to climate, road conditions and your commute.

Beyond your normal maintenance interval, your vehicle also requires regular inspections. These inspections are usually recommended at specific mileage intervals, like twenty five or thirty five thousand miles. The interval is based on the known life expectancy for certain mechanical components in your vehicle. Regular inspections will help keep you in touch with your vehicles components that may need to be repaired or replaced before damage is done to the vehicle or safety is compromised. They are also designed to safeguard the efficiency and reliability of your vehicle.

The multi-point inspection that comes with a full-service oil change does not cover all of the regular inspections your vehicle needs for peak performance and safety. Check with the automotive professionals at Triangle Auto Service in Chicago to find out what additional inspections your vehicle needs and when they should be done. Good car care requires regular and consistent maintenance. But good maintenance pays for itself in better and fewer repairs.

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