It’s summer time, and the weather is getting hot. With summer’s prime driving season coming up, it’s more important than ever to make sure your car is in tiptop shape. Get a vehicle inspection before that summer road trip.

Vehicle Inspection, get your car checked before summer.

More miles are traveled during the summer months in the United States than during any other time of year. As a result, it is important to make sure your car or truck is capable of handling the extra stress. Bringing your car in for a service appointment is a great one-stop way to have your vehicle inspected, make sure all of its maintenance is up-to-date and ensure it is ready to perform at its best. Our vehicle inspections follow factory maintenance schedules for mileage and age of vehicle.

Our vehicle inspection will also verify that each of your tires is filled with the recommended amount of air, as too much or too little can contribute to excessive tread wear, as well as lower fuel economy.

Car maintenance

Vehicle inspection

The next check for most summer tune-ups takes place under the hood where your vehicle’s air filter will be inspected. As the summer usually brings with it road construction and drier air that can create dust. Less clean air making it into your engine means less power being produced, and while the drop in horsepower might be so gradual as to be difficult for you to notice while it is happening, what you will pick up on is just how much better your fuel mileage gets with a brand-new air filter installed.


Other engine-related summer maintenance items that can improve your car’s gas mileage include spark plugs and fuel filters. Spark plugs are usually inexpensive to replace and their inspection should be part of any regular maintenance schedule. Fuel filters strain out any impurities in the gasoline you put in your car. If they become clogged, they can limit or block the flow of gasoline to your car’s engine, severely impacting power and gas mileage. Once again, this item is cheap and quick to replace in the majority of cases and can improve both the acceleration and fuel economy of your vehicle.

In addition to performing the standard brake pad, rotor and fluid checks that should be done every time you have your automobile in for servicing, one of the final things that we will verify as being in good working order is your car’s cooling and air conditioning systems. When the temperature starts to climb, you need a cooling system that can handle the task of keeping your engine cool enough to perform safely. Not only should the radiator be checked for leaks, but all the hoses in the engine compartment. The coolant in the vehicle should be tested to ensure that it is in good condition to handle the extra work during the summer months.

Summer car maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, getting your car ready for the hottest and busiest driving season is as simple as calling us. Call to set up an appointment for your summer vehicle inspection: Triangle Auto Service, 4060 N. Elston, Chicago Il.60618 (773) 539-5858