Vehicle fluids, Triangle

Vehicle fluids, Triangle

The current vehicles and vehicle fluid, in the market have over a hundred years of engineering behind them. They have evolved into complex and powerful machines.  Developments in their engines, however, have coincided with advances in many other vehicle components, including the vehicle fluids.



Vehicle Fluids


It’s up to people in Chicago to always use the right type of vehicle fluid for your car.  Your service advisor at Triangle Auto, and your owner’s manual are resources for auto advice on exactly what types of vehicle fluid your car needs.  Improper fluids can damage your vehicle and void your warranty.


Some of the vehicle fluids that have changed significantly in recent years are cooling system fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and motor oil. Each of these comes in many varieties now, and it’s hard to know exactly which one your vehicle needs.


Cooling systems were once made of iron, steel and rubber.  One coolant could be used to protect all of these materials.  But new cooling systems have components made from a variety of metal alloys and several kinds of plastic, and coolants now contain additives that protect these various materials from corrosion.  Since the materials vary among manufacturers, they require different additives, which means there are now a number of coolants on the market.  The type of coolant your vehicle needs depends on the materials used in its cooling system.


Most vehicles used to require Dot 3 brake fluid. But now many vehicles need Dot 4 or Dot 5. Some Chicago drivers mistakenly think the higher numbers reflect an increase in grade—that Dot 4 is somehow better than Dot 3.  But the truth is, the numbers represent variations in formulation. The different formulas have evolved to meet the demands of newer and better brake systems.  For a long time, transmission fluid came in two varieties: regular and friction-modified.  But transmissions have come a long way recently, and so have the fluids that protect and lubricate them. There are several new types of fluid on the market, but your vehicle is designed for just one of them.


Of all the vehicle fluids, motor oils have experienced perhaps the greatest advances in engineering and technology. A number of new weights and formulations have recently been developed to meet the needs of modern engines, which have more parts and tighter tolerances than ever before. Engines have become more sophisticated and complicated, but they have also increased in power and fuel efficiency.  Despite these changes, Chicago vehicles still need them to be highly durable.


That’s the job of motor oil. Motor oil still has to perform its original function—lubricating and protecting the engine. It is formulated to help clean the engine as well.  Modern motor oil also has to be thin enough to penetrate small engine passages yet still be resistant to vaporization.

Vehicle fluids, Chicago

Vehicle fluids, Chicago

Vehicle fluids, Triangle Auto



Over time, vehicles have developed in complexity and variety, and their fluids have developed as well.  Each vehicle is matched to a set of vehicle fluids that meet its specific requirements. Illinois vehicle owners should take care to learn their vehicle’s fluid requirements before topping off at home. A large part of preventive maintenance for Chicago drivers is making sure your vehicle’s fluids are clean and adequate, but they must be the proper type as well.  As our vehicles become more sophisticated, car care becomes more sophisticated as well.


Learning about proper vehicle fluids for your car, will help you maintain its performance and prolong its life. Talk to us at Triangle Auto Service in Chicago.


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