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Radiator repair

Triangle radiator is a company that has been working on radiators since 1966. We are staffed with some of the best radiator repair experts who can perform any radiator from a small forklift to the heaviest off road equipment. We stock new quality products and cores that include truck radiators, off road radiators, and heavy duty industrial radiators. When it comes to radiators, charge air coolers, truck radiators, heavy duty radiators, you can rely on us for expert service.

Heavy duty radiator repair
Heavy duty radiator repair

Radiator repair

Which include:
Radiators: Rebuild, Custom Fabricate, Recore, Replace, Repair, All radiators are pressure tested, and flow checked before leaving our facility.

We can repair fuel tanks, hydraulic tank, water tanks, steel or aluminum, leaks, cracks, and weld on patches on tanks. In addition to fuel tank repairs we offer:
DPF Cleaning
Heat Exchanger repair
Industrial Radiators
Bus radiator repair
Truck radiator repair
Caterpillar radiator repair
Radiator Repair
Charge air coolers

Fuel tank repair
Fuel tank repair

We have experience and in depth knowledge of how to properly conduct all types of heat exchanger repairs. Over the years Triangle radiator has become know for precision work, with quality results. We have built this stellar reputation because each and every job we do is important to us. Weather you need your truck radiator repaired, or recore your charge air cooler, or any repair of heavy duty radiator related repairs.  Radiator repair is our business, be sure to trust the experts for all your truck radiator needs.  Were proud to be family owned and operated for over fifty year.  Our goal is to be your go to shop for all your radiator need, and repairs for the next fifty years.  We will always provide you with great service and results you can depend on. Triangle radiator has bee there for you since 1966 and were still here today. Call us today 773-539-5858