Car air conditioning service Chicago go hand in hand with our hot summers.  A large number of things and other systems contribute to a properly working A/C system.

1. The car air conditioning compressor must be engaged to operate.  If the car air conditioning compressor does not engage there is a reason the compressor is not engaged, the most common problem is lack of refrigerant which means the system is leaking.  If the system is low or out of refrigerant, the leak must be repaired before any other repairs can be started.

Car Air Conditioning Service Chicago

2. If the car air conditioning system is not full of refrigerant the low pressure switch will not allow the compressor to engage.  If the system is just a little low the compressor will engage just a short time then switch off.  This will be heard by a click on, click off repeatedly (short cycle).  If this is the case your system has a leak.  It is best to have a professional look at and evaluate the system.

A/C compressor

Hybrid A/C compressor

3. There must be enough air flow thru the condenser (part located in front of the radiator closest to the grill).  If the electric fan is not on when the car air conditioning is commanded to come on the system will not work properly. This can cause severe compressor damage.  Also if the radiator or condenser is packed with leaves / debris this will cause the car air conditioning system to not function properly.  The car air conditioning system can and will overhead if there is not proper air flow over the condenser. The problem with this scenario is there is no way of you knowing the car air conditioning system is overheating, there is no gauges or lights to inform you.


4. There are temperature bled door located under the dash in your vehicle.  If they are not moving properly or sealing completely the can cause warm air to seep into the air box and cause warm air to be felt in the vehicle.  This would be a concern if the system is working properly under the hood.

A/C Service

A/C Service at Triangle Auto

If you have a concern with your vehicles air conditioning system, it is sometimes better left to the professionals.  Today’s air conditioning systems and getting more and more complex, even though the same basic principal applies to the system.  Please feel free to call us, to schedule an appointment for your car air conditioning service in Chicago.  We have the proper tools, systems machines, testers to diagnosis your problem right the first time.


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