Here’s a tip for Chicago vehicle owners, on how to avoid AC repair: Run your air conditioner once a week during Chicago winters. This circulates the lubricant, refrigerant and helps keep the compressor seals from drying out, which helps avoid A/C repairs.

AC Repair

The air conditioner actually removes some of the moisture in the air. So if you have trouble with fogging on your vehicle windshield during winter or during a rain storm, running the A/C on the defrost setting will help.

Also, air and moister can get into the A/C system. That can reduce the efficiency of the system and also lead to corrosion that cause a/c repairs to your A/C system. Air and moister enter the A/C system thru leaks or the system being opened by a non-professional.

A/C Repair Triangle Auto

A/C Repair Triangle Auto

Chicago drivers would be wise to learn the early warning signs of A/C trouble to avoid A/C repairs:

1) The air’s not as cold as it used to be.
2) Unusual noises when the A/C cycles on.
3) A/C blows warm air
4) Bad / unpleasant odor when A/C is turned on
5) Car dies out when A/C is turned on

These are signs to get your vehicle into Triangle Auto Service in Chicago before the damage gets worse, and cause A/C repairs. Most A/C compressor failures are due to lack of oil flow to the A/C compressor. After a A/C compressor failure, metal debris can get caught up in the A/C drier’s internal screens. Keep in mind some of the components that flow refrigerant through the system work with opening of less then .050 (fifty thousandths of an inch). It takes less then 1/10 of a teaspoon of debris to plug these components and cause failure. Running the A/C system can help keep flow unrestricted and oil moving thru the system properly.

A/C repair Triangle Auto

A/C repair Triangle Auto

By following the recommended service intervals in your vehicle owner’s manual, you can help prevent mechanical failure of your air conditioning system. Your A/C system has many parts that are vital to a proper working A/C system:

1) Compressor
2) Condenser
3) Accumulator or Drier ( 5-7 year in service life)
4) Hose Assemblies
5) Cooling Fan Assembly
6) Blower Motor
7) Blower Motor Resistor
8) Evaporator
9) Expansion Valve, Orifice Tube, POA Valve
10) Compressor Oil
12) O Ring Seals

Anything Old Irving Park and Jefferson Park car owners can do to lengthen the life of their air conditioning system is well worth it.

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