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Welcome to Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – we’ve been fixing cars and trucks for Chicago’s neighborhoods since 1966! From major repairs to routine maintenance, motorists can count on Triangle for full service Lincoln Square Auto Repair solutions at low rates. On this page, we’ll take a look at a few of our basic services that will keep your vehicle in good condition all winter long: heating system repairs, brake repairs, radiator repairs and replacement and transmission services.

Lincoln Square Auto Repair

Lincoln Square Auto Repair – Vehicle Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

When temperatures fall below freezing, there’s nothing more important that getting into a vehicle that is comfortably heated. However, auto heating systems can wear down with time and repeated use. Triangle Radiator & Auto Service can provide routine auto heat and air conditioning maintenance and repairs that will keep your vehicle reliably comfortable for you.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system also serves to defrost the windows in the wintertime. Heating systems are manufactured with a heater core that functions like a mini-radiator located behind the dashboard, fan and hoses that draws in heat produced by the engine to the core. Vehicle air conditioning systems function in a similar manner by directing coolant to the fan which blows cool air into the interior.

Heating and air conditioning systems can become less effective over time. Hoses, for example can become stopped-up and start to leak if not routinely serviced, resulting in inefficiency and diminished performance. Consistent Lincoln Square Auto Repair will keep your vehicle comfortable and avoid these problems all year long.

Some common signs that your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems are in need of Lincoln Square Auto Repair:

*The cooled air is only slightly cooler than the air outside, or the conditioned air has a musty scent
*Your vehicle’s interior doesn’t heat up sufficiently in the wintertime
*The defrost setting takes too long to work or doesn’t function at all
*The heater air conditioning only works when you’re driving
*The heating systems blows cool air or the air conditioning blows hot air

At the earliest sign of these problems, bring your vehicle to Triangle for Lincoln Square Auto Repair. Our thorough assessment of heating and air conditioning systems consists of:

*Evaluating your vehicle’s interior, blower, radiator coolant level, hoses, pressure cap, thermostat and compressor belt
*Check for cracks and additional damages
*Contrast air conditioning system pressure to manufacturer specs
*Check air conditioning system for refrigerant fluid leaks

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Lincoln Square Auto Repair – 773-539-5858 – Brake Repairs

Taking good care of your car’s brakes is obviously the most essential for safe driving. Triangle Radiator & Auto Service is your source for affordable, prompt brake repair in Chicago neighborhoods like Lincoln Square.

There are basically two kinds of brake systems on most vehicles these days: conventional brakes and anti-lock braking systems. A standard brake system consists of rotors, calipers and brake pads. If your vehicle’s brake pads wear down and aren’t changed regularly, the brake rotors may need replaced too.

Affordable Brake Services for the 60630, 60625 and 60647 zip codes in Chicago neighborhoods.

In order to safely stop your vehicle, brake pads must be in working condition and not worn out all the way to the rotors. Since brakes are naturally something that you use each time you get behind the wheel, it’s important to call on Triangle for Lincoln Square Auto Repair at the first sign of problems with your brakes.

A few tips on keeping your brakes working properly:

*Bring your vehicle to our shop on North Elston Avenue for an annual brake inspection.
*Don’t drive with the parking brake engaged
*Have our service technicians inspect your vehicle’s brake fluid and change it according to manufacturer’s recommendations

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Lincoln Square Auto Repair – Radiator Solutions for 60630, 60625 and 60647 zip codes

It’s usually not that difficult to spot radiator problems. Radiator fluid leaks will drip or spray out coolant, with the resulting loss of fluid leading to overheating that can cause significant damage if the leak isn’t located and repaired. Leak inhibiting products can often seal up minor leaks, but they’re just short term solutions. Some kinds of sealers, though, may actually increase the chance that deposits could collect in the vehicle’s cooling system and lead to radiator clogs.

Radiator Leaks

Leaks caused by interior corrosion can be identified pretty much anywhere on a radiator unit. The most susceptible areas are typically along seams and the tubes connecting to the headers. The common cause of radiator leaks and the need for Lincoln Square Auto Repair is usually simple neglect, or it may also be on account of poor ground connections from the engine to the charging system and vehicle’s body.

Solder bloom is a form of interior corrosion that can occur when aged coolant, rust particles and leak inhibitor products interact with soldered joints inside a copper or brass radiator unit. As these problematic deposits start to accumulate they can clog up the tubes and restrict the critical flow of coolant fluid. A radiator with this issue can be recored or replaced by our Lincoln Square Auto Repair experts.

Leaks resulting from punctures in copper or brass radiators that are in otherwise decent condition
can typically have Lincoln Square Auto Repair by soldering, epoxy or adhesive. If a vehicle’s radiator has a lot of corrosion, however, patching a puncture will probably not last very long. In this case, the radiator unit will probably need to be recored or simply replaced.

Triangle Radiator & Auto Repair – Lincoln Square Auto Repair – Transmission Repairs

Regardless of how much a motorist may know about cars, most folks are aware that transmission difficulties can be pretty complicated and usually call for immediate Lincoln Square Auto Repair. A transmission is an intricate system of gears designed to transfer power to your vehicle’s engine, which enables how fast you’re travelling. Transmissions basically transfer power from the vehicle’s engine so that it can provide higher torque at lower speeds, as well as selecting which gears are most effective depending on driving conditions. This can be particularly the case with automatic transmissions, which are the most widely used in the nation. Instead of using a clutch for engaging the vehicle’s transmission, automatics utilize a torque converter for controlling the gears when travelling. Providing reliable power to manage gear action is a difficult task, which is why it is so essential to contact us for Lincoln Square Auto Repair at the earliest sign of any kind of transmission troubles.

Transmission malfunctions can often occur in vehicles that do not receive consistent maintenance. When transmission fluids aren’t consistently changed, heat resulting from mileage friction can cause rough shifting, deterioration and eventually transmission failure. Our mechanics will make sure that your vehicle’s transmission is well-lubricated and kept cool by quality transmission fluids that we install.

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Affordable Lincoln Square Auto Repair – Serving the 60630, 60625 and 60647 zip codes

For heating and air conditioning service, brake repair, radiator repair and replacement and transmission repairs you can count on the experienced team at Triangle – we’ve been providing prompt and affordable car care for motorists in Chicago’s neighborhoods since 1966!