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It is essential to keep your vehicle operating smoothly and well-maintained by getting regularly scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, tune ups and adhering to suggested maintenance practices for the transmission, brakes and other important vehicle systems. Unfortunately, with the busy schedule that most people have these days, it’s not uncommon for vehicle maintenance to be overlooked. Below we present some of the most common signs that you should probably call Triangle Radiator right away for Chicago Auto Repair.

Chicago Auto Repair

Chicago Auto Repair

Dashboard Warning Lights

Often the first and most obvious sign that some sort of Chicago Auto Repair is needed is when your vehicle’s warning lights turn on. The “check engine” light could indicate that any one of many potential issues has occurred, so it’s hard to know right away if the problem is a major or minor one. Either way, it’s always wise to be cautious and have our experienced mechanics take a look at your vehicle at your earliest convenience. This is especially important if the warning light is flashing. It’s also helpful to consult your vehicle owner’s manual to look for a potential cause of the warning light.

Unusual Noises

You may notice some unusual sounds or even odors coming from your vehicle that could likely be a sign of the need for prompt Chicago Auto Repair. These may include squealing or grinding brakes, smoky or burning odors, dragging sounds from the tires or thumping sounds. Any of these are indicators of a problem that calls for service. In addition to odd noises or odors, be aware of unusual visual signs like smoke coming from under the hood, too much exhaust or rising oil temperature.

Signs of Vehicle Transmission Problems

Transmission difficulties can reveal themselves in a number of ways. Rough or delayed shifting, burning odors or if the engine revs while shifting can all be reliable indicators that there’s something not working correctly with the vehicle’s transmission. Because it’s obviously such an essential component of correct vehicle function, any sign of transmission problems should be assessed as soon as possible. Failing to address a transmission problem can result in failure and the need for complete transmission replacement.

Fluid Leaks

Pay close attention to the spots where you usually park your vehicle so that if leaks do occur you’ll be more likely to notice them. Drips of water during the summer season is typical because it will often occur when a vehicle’s air conditioner is being used. However, other types of fluid leaks – such as transmission fluid, coolant or brake fluid are sure signs of the need for Chicago Auto Repair.

Changes in Engine Performance

A vehicle in need of repair may feel to the driver as if the engine is working harder than usual, racing, chugging or even shaking. This might not necessarily mean that major repairs are needed – a standard tune up may be the solution in many cases.

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