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One of the most basic maintenance practices that any type of motor vehicle needs to function correctly is a consistent oil change schedule. But since an oil change may seem like such a routine task and is only needed every few months or so, it’s not unusual for many vehicle owners to procrastinate on getting them done. Additionally, vehicles as they get older and their mileage increases, they will typically need a Chicago Oil Change more often. That said, how should a motorist know if it has been too long since they brought their vehicle in for an oil change?

Chicago Oil Change

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the warning signs that it’s time to schedule a Chicago Oil Change at Triangle Radiator:

Excessive Vehicle Exhaust

Contemporary motor vehicles typically do not emit noticeable exhaust from their tailpipes, so if you do spot what appears to be smoke trailing out from behind your car or truck, this can be a sign of a serious problem. Generally, excessive exhaust signals that the motor oil is too old to function correctly. An exhaust change can also be a sign of engine trouble like a cracked gasket, so be certain to have this telltale symptom assessed at Triangle Radiator as soon as possible.

Declining Oil Level

Filling up your engine oil on occasion can help prolong the period of time needed between Chicago Oil Change. But if your vehicle’s oil level appears to go down quickly and consistently, there’s likely a problem that calls for service. In this case, you might need other repairs in addition to a Chicago Oil Change.

Noisy Engine

Motor oil serves to lubricate your car’s engine so that all its parts work smoothly together. When motor oil becomes too old or thinned out, it can result in excessive engine noise or knocking. Oil-related issues can also cause ticking sounds too, for instance.

Irregular Motor Oil Texture

Motor oil typically darkens as it circulates through a vehicle’s engine, sometimes right away, so the color of motor oil isn’t always a dependable sign that you are due for a Chicago Oil Change. Over time though, oil can collect tiny particles of grit and grime that make the oil less effective at lubricating the engine’s parts. When checking your vehicle’s motor oil levels, be sure to look at the consistency too. If it seems to be gritty or dirty, you might need to replace it.

Low Oil Level

While you can always top off levels between each Chicago Oil Change at Triangle Radiator, take note of the oil level in the reservoir before doing so. If it’s been a while since the oil change, the oil level should be well under the minimum. If you observe that the oil level is quite low, don’t delay to have your vehicle serviced by our experienced service technicians. Driving a vehicle with very low oil levels can result in lasting engine damage and raise the chance of the engine stalling or malfunctioning completely, particularly during warmer temperatures.

Higher Mileage Than Usual

If you have recently completed a lengthy road trip for a vacation or perhaps for a business trip, you might want to bring your vehicle to Triangle Radiator for a Chicago Oil Change sooner rather than later.

If you are noticing any of the signs we have listed here, call Triangle Radiator for an appointment or just bring your vehicle on in to our full service auto and truck repair shop on North Elston Avenue. We’ve been providing dependable auto and truck services for motorists in the City of Chicago for more than 40 years – you can count on us!