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Reliable Radiator Repair Chicago

Radiator Repair Chicago

Radiators are basically a form of heat exchangers that serve to cool internal combustion engines in cars, trucks, motorcycles and other modes of transport. Internal combustion engines get cooled to optimal temperatures through the circulation of coolant fluid around the engine block where it aids in absorbing heat and dispenses it into the atmosphere. Engine coolant is normally water-based and is circulated by a pump. A radiator is attached to channels that run through the vehicle’s engine and cylinder head through which the coolant flows. Also called antifreeze, the liquid is usually ethylene glycol or propylene glycol with a small degree of corrosion inhibitor.

A conventional engine’s cooling system includes:

  • * Channels in the engine block and cylinder head that are surrounded by combustion chambers where the coolant carries away heat.
  • * A Radiator Repair Chicago basically consists of small tubes designed with a “honeycomb” of fins to convect heat quickly that receives and cools hot liquid emanating from the engine.
  • * A water pump to circulate the coolant through the system.
  • * A thermostat to regulate temperature.
  • * A fan to draw fresh air through the radiator.

The Radiator Repair Chicago exchanges the heat from the coolant inside to the air outside, which cools down the engine. It is usually mounted in a place where it takes in airflow – such as just behind the front grill – from the forward motion of the vehicle.

Radiator Structure

Radiator Repair Chicago have a pair of header tanks connected by a core with numerous passageways. The core is normally made from layers of metal sheets hard pressed into channels and soldered together. For quite a while radiators were manufactured from brass or copper cores, but many contemporary radiators now have aluminum cores.

A configuration of valves is normally incorporated to run a small radiator inside a vehicle. This small radiator unit and its related blower fan is called the heater core. It serves to warm the vehicle’s interior. Similar to the radiator, the heater core functions by eliminating heat from the engine. For this very reason, automotive service techs will advise motorists to flip on their vehicle’s heater if the engine is overheating and Radiator Repair Chicago will likely be needed.

Why Engines Overheat and Need Radiator Repair Chicago

Think of heat is your vehicle engine’s enemy. The damage that can result from overheating can be severe for any engine and require an entire overhaul or even replacement if the problem is not addressed soon enough. There are several conditions that can result in engine overheating. Some can be resolved through relatively straightforward repairs by our service techs and others may require more complicated solutions and replacement parts.

An engine runs efficiently at a specific temperature. That temperature, though it may be much too hot to the touch, is still considerably lower than it would be with no cooling system at all in place. Overheating takes place when the temperature of the engine increases to the point where mechanical damage can happen. Normally a maintained temperature of more than 240 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient to result in likely engine damage. Steam emanating from the engine of your vehicle, a temperature gauge hitting the red zone and engine warning lights are all indicators that your vehicle may very well be overheating and require Radiator Repair Chicago.

While there are numerous reasons for overheating, most stem from insufficient circulation:

Cooling system leaks. A leak in this part of the system doesn’t directly result in the engine overheating. The direct cause is typically air getting into the cooling system. When a leak occurs, the coolant level declines and air is drawn in and circulated. Because air is naturally lighter than coolant it leads to what is called an airlock. An airlock is a sizeable bubble that can’t be forced through the cooling system by the flow of the liquid. This means that the cooling system essentially ceases circulating and the coolant still inside the engine gets overheated.

A blockage inside the cooling system is yet another indirect cause, with overheating again resulting from a lack of coolant flow within the engine. When the cooling system gets blocked and the coolant is prevented from flowing correctly to the radiator to distribute heat, the engine will overheat. A few common blockages are:

  • * The thermostat is not able to open when it is supposed to.
  • * A mineral deposit constricting the radiator.
  • * A foreign object lodged within the cooling system.
  • * A failing water pump. This is among the more common causes for overheating and requiring Radiator Repair Chicago. The water pump is the most active component in the cooling system and it is responsible for sustaining proper coolant circulation. As time passes, parts such as the impeller inside the water pump can get worn down or simply break. Once that happens it probably will not be too long until the engine overheats.
  • * The coolant is not concentrated sufficiently. This problem is usually a concern in winter weather where temperatures fall below freezing levels. The engine coolant can start to thicken in the engine or in the Radiator Repair Chicago and produce a blockage. Even in freezing cold weather an engine will promptly overheat if its antifreeze can no longer circulate as it is supposed to. It can bring about internal damage in engine components that will need prompt attention such as a possible Radiator Repair Chicago by the team at Triangle.

A lesser known process which helps to cool a vehicle’s engine is actually the engine oil itself. Engine oil performs a big part in engine cooling as well as in stopping extreme temperatures from accumulating. The engine oil serves as a lubricant for internal engine parts to reduce friction, which is a primary cause of heat development inside an engine.

Some manufacturers have integrated an engine oil cooler into their motor vehicles which functions similar to a radiator. The heated oil gets circulated to an oil cooler where heat disperses before it returns to the engine. Around 40 percent of an engine’s cooling is conducted by engine oil.

Common Radiator Repair Chicago solutions for overheating include:

  • * Replacement of the water pump.
  • * Complete replacement of the radiator.
  • * An antifreeze flush.
  • * Thermostat replacement.
  • * Engine oil change.

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