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Welcome to Triangle Auto Service! We are a full service repair shop that’s been serving neighborhoods in the 60618, 60641 and 60647 zip codes for many years. Come and see us for fast service and very affordable pricing for all your car care needs!

Old Irving Park Auto Repair

Old Irving Park Auto Repair – Tune Ups

Triangle Auto Service provides tune up services with top quality parts and products. Our tune ups will improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, help lower emissions and revitalize engine performance. Starting at just $149.99, our excellent tune up services include: spark plug wire, air filter and oil filter replacement, oil change and visual inspection of engine components.

Old Irving Park Auto Repair – Engine Repair

No one likes to see their “check engine” switch on, but when it does the car care experts at Triangle Auto Service are on hand to help. Our staff of mechanics have all the equipment and experience needed to assess what’s not working with your car’s engine and the most cost effective ways to fix it.

The dreaded check engine light can be a sign of anything from a loose gas tank cap to a damaged gasket or leaking hose. Having those kind of auto issues checked out as soon as possible to prevent additional problems from developing. Most late model vehicles on the roads these days are made with advanced digital engine monitoring technology that can detect and in some cases even prevent engine problems. The digital computer system in your vehicle’s engine receives information from sensors and switches that communicate with the ignition, fuel system and emission control. In the event those systems malfunction, it signals the computer to switch on the check engine light.

Stay Safe On Chicago’s Roads This Winter – Affordable Old Irving Park Auto Repair

Winter driving in Old Irving Park and Chicagoland in general can be risky when ice and snow start to form on the roadways. Triangle Auto Service recommends that our customers winterize their vehicles before the first snow falls by taking the following steps:

Install winter windshield wipers. These wipers are made with rubber that prevents ice from accumulating on the wiper blades. Just remember to take them off when spring arrives so the mechanism that powers the wipers doesn’t burn out.

Consider getting winter tires. When Chicago temperatures settle in at or even below freezing for extended periods of time, it can be tough on tires that have a lot of miles on them. Specially designed winter tires are made with compounds engineered to withstand hardening in freezing temperatures, which gives better traction and safer handling.

Refill your window washer fluid. When there’s lots of slush and snow on the streets of the Old Irving Park neighborhood, cars get dirty fast. To stay safe, it’s important to keep your windshield clear for visibility. In order to adequately winterize your vehicle, keep your window washer fluid reservoir full and carry and extra bottle in your trunk

Essential Items for Your Winter Safety Kit

In case of emergency this winter in Chicago, keep some or all of the following supplies in your vehicle at all times – you’ll be very glad you did in the event of an accident or if hazardous road conditions force you to wait out a snowstorm: Ice scraper, sand bags, a shovel, flares, first aid kit, extra antifreeze, flashlight with batteries, jumper cables, warm clothes and a blanket, water, non-perishable food items and a lighter or pack of matches.

Perhaps the most essential safety measure for winter driving is getting consistent service for your vehicles: belts, hoses, spark plugs and wiring can all have difficulties in extreme cold. By assuring your car or truck is well-maintained, you won’t get into an emergency situation in the winter. When you bring your vehicle in to Triangle Auto Service for Old Irving Park Auto Repair, our service techs can winterize your car by checking the following:

Batteries and cooling system. Simply because your vehicle’s battery performs fine during mild weather doesn’t necessarily mean it will perform well when temperatures dip below freezing this winter. Cars can be tough to start up during extreme cold and may require a high performance battery. A reliable battery for winter driving will have the 600 cold cranking amps rating. Triangle’s Old Irving Park Auto Repair experts can install a battery with that rating or a higher rating for winter performance. With respect to cooling systems, it’s recommended that motorists maintain a ratio of approximately 50/50 of antifreeze to water. Ask our service technicians which is optimal for your vehicle’s engine.

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Keep correct tire pressure. Fluctuations in outdoor temperatures can have an impact on your vehicle’s tire pressure. This means you should look at your tire pressure more often during the winter and refill the tires as needed. Correct pressure for your vehicle’s tires can be located on the tire placard on the driver’s side door or in the owner’s manual. Maintaining correct tire pressure is relatively easy and important to the performance of your car or truck. An accurately inflated tire will typically result in extended lifespan, better steering response, improved fuel economy and a smoother ride.

Keep your gas tank half full at a minimum. It’s probably not your favorite thing to do, but it’s helpful to make more frequent fuel stops during the winter time. Maintaining enough gas in your vehicle’s fuel tank helps prevent the gas line from freezing. In addition, if you ever get stranded or stuck in the snow, you’ll have plenty of gas to run the engine and stay warm until help arrives.

Confirm that your rear window defrost is in proper working order. It’s not safe to drive if you cannot see what’s behind your vehicle clearly. At your next appointment for Old Irving Park Auto Repair, our service techs can check your vehicle’s rear window defrost feature to verify that it’s working correctly.

Before driving after a snowfall, take the time to clear off all snow and ice from the windshields, all side windows and the top of your vehicle. It’s important to be thorough so you’ll have good visibility and also prevent large pieces of ice and snow from falling off your vehicle and creating a hazard for other motorists.

It’s also beneficial to do remember these few key steps before you get behind the wheel and take to the busy roads of the Old Irving Park Auto Repair neighborhood this wintertime:

*Leave early. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive safely at your destination safely.
*Slow down.
*Allow increased stopping distance. Naturally, it’s more difficult to safely stop on snowy, icy surfaces. Make sure there is amply space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
*Keep an eye on the weather. Residents of the 60641 zip code are well aware that local weather can change rapidly. By staying aware of weather conditions, you won’t be caught off guard and can plan your trips accordingly.

If the roads are just too hazardous, stay at home or seek shelter to avoid risk of accident and injury! Stay safe on the roads this winter with affordable Old Irving Park Auto Repair services – call for an appointment or contact us through our convenient online form!