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New Alternator Chicago

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Faulty alternators are among the leading causes of dead batteries that strand motorists on the roadside every year. That’s why it is advantageous to gain some fundamental knowledge of how alternators work and to prevent expensive repairs.

Like any other component of your vehicle, the alternator will not last indefinitely. In some instances it can fail without any warning. However, there are a few common signs to watch for that can alert you to possible alternator problems.

Basic Information about Alternators

The New Alternator Chicago is on the vehicle’s engine. It serves an essential role in supplying power to the battery. The alternator keeps the battery charged continuously, which in turn keeps the computer and electrical systems running. The alternator “works” just as hard as any component of your vehicle. Eventually, it is going to reach the end of its service lifespan. In general, alternators will last for approximately seven years or about 150,000 miles. There are a number of factors that can affect the lifespan of an alternator. For instance, the quality of the component, the general condition of the car and the number of electronics in use.

Signs that Your New Alternator Chicago is Failing

As we mention at the top of this post, sometimes an alternator will fail abruptly. Still, there are still some common warning symptoms you can watch for. If you observe any of the following, bring your vehicle to Triangle Auto Service for a New Alternator Chicago.

  • -Your car’s headlights begin pulsating from dim to bright.
  • -The alternator gives off a burning odor.
  • -The warning lights on the dashboard turn on suddenly.
  • -The engine makes a squealing noise.
  • -Your car’s electronics start to intermittently malfunction. (Including the radio.)

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If you’re seeing any of these signs of a failing alternator do not hesitate to bring your car to our shop for service. Our service techs will evaluate your vehicle and recommend if replacing the alternator is your best option. – New Alternator Chicago

Maintaining a New Alternator

In addition to watching out for any of these warning signs, there are steps you can take to preserve your alternator. Simply by remaining alert to what’s happening with your vehicle, you can keep the alternator functional.

Some basic alternator maintenance steps include:

-Make sure that you and whomever else uses it knows how to jump-start the vehicle. Without a doubt, improperly jump starting a car can damage its alternator.

-Improper installation of aftermarket electronic components risks overloading the alternator. To that end, use caution with any add-ons to your vehicle.

-Watch for signs of fluid leaks coming from the alternator. Bringing your vehicle to Triangle Auto Service for routine maintain can alert you to this warning sign.

-If you observe any of the warning indicators of a bad car battery do not postpone addressing the issue immediately. These indicators can include dimming headlights. The problem could be with the alternator instead of with the battery.

If you need to replace your alternator, our service technicians can recommend and install a New Alternator Chicago for you. By practicing these suggestions you can help your alternator stay in good condition. Remember, though, that even well-maintained car components can have problems. It’s beneficial to make routine vehicle maintenance a regular habit.

Is Your Vehicle Safe for Winter Driving? Schedule a Tune Up at Triangle Auto Service – 773-539-5858

The state of Illinois does not require periodic safety inspections for passenger motor vehicles. Vehicles that are over 8,000 pounds or made to carry ten or more passengers must have a safety inspection. The inspection is a requirement for securing a certificate of safety from the state’s department of transportation.

However, any Illinois motorist knows that winter driving can be dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to keep your vehicle in top condition. If it’s been a while, bring your vehicle to Triangle Auto Service for a tune up. From battery checks to an oil change and tire rotation, our techs will ensure your vehicle is ready for winter.

Triangle Auto Service – New Alternator Chicago – Car Starter Repair and Replacement

Are you experiencing problems getting your vehicle to start? Be sure to bring your vehicle to Triangle Auto Service if your starter motor is showing signs of trouble. We will repair or replace it promptly so you can get back on the road safely. Common warning signs of starter problems include:

-Loud clicking sounds. Loud clicks that occur as you turn your key is a common indicator of trouble with the starter motor. What you are likely hearing is the starter actuating, but the pinion gear is not spinning as it should. In the event the pinion gear isn’t connecting with the flywheel but still spins, it will make a whirring noise. This typically means the starter’s solenoid is bad and is not letting the motor engage with the flywheel.

-Buzzing noises. A low buzzing that’s not accompanied by the engine cranking is likely the result of electricity flowing to the starter. However, it’s not enough electricity to let the starter do its job. This issue often stems from a weak electrical current resulting from corrosion at the battery terminals.

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-Grinding sounds. Grinding that happens when starting a vehicle is probably due to loose bolts that support the starter motor. However, the grinding could also indicate worn or broken teeth on the flywheel or pinion gear. If this is the cause, the gears are not meshing correctly, which will cause the unpleasant grinding sounds.

If you experience any of these problems, your car is probably due to get a new starter. It is an issue that is quite typical with cars that have high mileage. If you need starter motor replacement in Chicago, bring your vehicle to our shop at 4060 North Elston Avenue.

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Oil Change

A regular oil change is among of the most essential maintenance steps you can take for your vehicle.

An oil change ensures the vehicle’s engine receives proper lubrication, which prevents metal upon metal contact that leads to damage. However, there are other benefits to an oil change too. For example, it serves to keep engine temperature regular while also removing dirt. This is critical for maintaining the engine’s power and fuel mileage efficiency.

Tune Up

If your vehicle isn’t running properly it might simply be overdue for a tune up. A tune up service generally involves smaller repairs and maintenance. For instance, replacing the air and fuel filters, fuel injection service and replacing the spark plugs. Each of these routine services will help maintain your car’s optimal performance.

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New Alternator Chicago

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

It’s not uncommon for motorists to overlook it when their car’s check engine light goes on. However, it is something that does call for attention. If yours is on, bring your vehicle promptly to Triangle Auto Service. Our service techs can run diagnostics and identify what is causing the check engine light to go on. There are a number of things that could be the cause and they don’t necessarily relate to the engine. In many cases, it’s a fairly minor issue that requires a quick repair.

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