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Auto emissions testing is required in Illinois. Among the smartest ways to be sure your car or truck passes the testing process is to keep it well-maintained by adhering to a factory-suggested maintenance schedule. While you can take the test at a state-operated location, you can also bring your vehicle to an officially approved repair shop like ours at 4060 North Elston Avenue.

Lincoln Park Auto Repair

Lincoln Park Auto Repair

If you already brought your car or truck to a test site but it did not pass, there’s no need to get frustrated. Typically, motorists in Illinois can take the emissions test again for no fee if you get the needed Lincoln Park Auto Repairs finished within a stated period of time – usually within a month. To be sure your vehicle passes the next time, bring it on in to Triangle Radiator & Auto Service.

*Our full service shop is equipped with the best diagnostic tools and technology to identify the causes of higher vehicle emissions and our techs have the expertise to remedy the problem.

*We stand behind all of our work. Triangle Radiator & Auto Service warranties are among the best in the industry.

*Each auto emission service technician at our auto repair shop at North Elston Avenue is qualified and has received training in the use of our leading testing gear that will assure your vehicle is working at optimal performance.

Emissions Tests in Illinois – Quick Facts

In the state of lllinois vehicles are required to get an emissions test every two years, starting from when the vehicle is four “model” years old. If your vehicle does not pass its emissions test, you will need to have it tested again, although, in some instances, it may be possible to be granted a waiver. Residents new to Illinois have to register their vehicle first and then wait for a test notice before getting that first inspection. It is the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that governs and oversees the existing Vehicle Emissions Testing Program. The program serves to regulate the vehicles that require an emissions inspection, how the emissions inspection is actually conducted, and how motorists should proceed in the event their vehicle does not pass.

The Radiators You Need Now – In Stock At Triangle Radiator & Auto Service

Call us or stop in at our shop to order the affordable radiator your car or trunk needs – we’re located at 4060 North Elston Avenue in Chicago.

Radiators are an essential component for any vehicle – they’re responsible for removing excess heat from the engine to maintain continued performance. When a radiator starts malfunctioning or develops a leak, it can result in some major auto issues. When that occurs, motorists and Lincoln Park Auto Repair professionals know they can count on Triangle for reasonably priced, top quality radiators. As one of the Midwest’s top suppliers of radiators for more than 50 years, we continue to be a top source of excellent parts and customer care that motorists depend on. Our shop on North Elston Avenue is well-stocked stocked with car and truck radiators and parts ready for delivery or pick up. We have radiators that are widely-used as well as others that are more difficult to locate for all sorts of vehicles including: cars, SUVs, light, medium and heavy duty trucks, commercial tractor trailers, classic cars, RVs, watercraft, generators and construction equipment.

In fact, when it comes to heavy duty commercial trunks, Triangle Radiator & Auto Service handles 22 different manufacturers of industrial radiators to give our customers the best pricing and quality. We carry air conditioning compressors, full line, new units and OEM units Delphi and Sanden Nippendenso. Complete line repurposed air conditioning compressors from Triangle are fully warranted. We also stock complete air conditioning parts for trucks, line condensers, driers, evaporators and housing assembles.
Plus, we offer cooling fan assemblies, module units, starters and alternators. New and remanufactured, domestic and import cars and light trucks – we have the most complete lines ready and available to ship, foreign and domestic.

For all your Lincoln Park Auto Repair and radiator requirements or to place an order for a part today, give Triangle a call at 773-539-5858 and let us know what you need! When you select Triangle Radiator & Auto Service, you can count on excellent customer care, expert Lincoln Park Auto Repair and quality parts.

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Fast Fuel Tank Repair – Affordable Lincoln Park Auto Repair

Our full service shop provides affordable fuel tank repairs for aluminum, steel and stainless steel fuel tanks, as well as fuel tank welding. Our repair solutions are always done with accuracy and attention to detail, and our customers can typically expect speedy service that gets their vehicles back on the road safely.

Whether your car or truck’s fuel tank has a leak or if it requires resizing or reshaping, we will repair it back to good working order at reasonable rates. Give Triangle a call at 773-539-5858 and talk with one of our service staff – we’ll schedule a convenient time for your fuel tank repair.

Triangle Radiator & Auto Service – Lincoln Park Auto Repair – Charge Air Cooler

Your vehicle’s charge air cooler serves to cool down the air that flows from the turbo charger before it goes into the engine. When a charge air cooler forms a leak, it causes the engine to quickly lose power and become less fuel efficient. At our full service shop on North Elston Avenue, our mechanics have developed expertise in servicing charge air coolers over the years. We can clean and rebuild the unit, provide a new one or fabricate a customized charge air cooler for cars, SUVs, heavy duty trucks and generators and industrial equipment.

When a vehicle’s turbo charger malfunctions, the cooler can get filled with dirt and debris. The solution is our affordable clean and rebuilding services are ready to save you time and expense. We can generally have your charge air cooler ready within 24 hours. Our many years of experience is available to complete your Lincoln Park Auto Repair done quickly and affordably.

Just some of the reasons to depend on our charge air cooler and Lincoln Park Auto Repair solutions:

*Our mechanics are knowledgeable and updated on the best practices for repair of charge air coolers
*We’re a full service shop – we can perform most any repairs your vehicle needs from oil changes or a tire rotation to transmission and engine repair
*For hard-to-locate units we’re able to fabricate a new charge air cooler to fulfill OEM specs

Call Triangle Radiator & Auto Service and learn more about our charge air cooler repair solutions!

Affordable Lincoln Park Auto Repair – Fuel Tank Repair for Chicago’s Neighborhoods – Serving 60630, 60625, 60647 and 60613 zip codes!

When you select us for your vehicle’s fuel tank repair, you’ll benefit from:

*Triangle Radiator & Auto Service offers fuel tank repair solutions is a lot less costly than purchasing a new tank.
*Your vehicle’s fuel tank will be repaired by experienced mechanics, giving you the highest quality results.
*We perform economical fuel tank cleaning and repurposing that saves money and keeps your fuel tank functioning at its best.