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* We use the latest and best equipment
* We use the right diagnostic instruments to determine the cause of your vehicle’s increased emissions
* Our service techs have the expertise to fix the problem and get you back on the road
* We stand behind all the work we do. In fact, our warranties are among the strongest in the industry
* Every service tech at Triangle Auto Service is trained to use our advanced emission testing equipment to ensure your vehicle is working at top efficiency – if you need Emissions Repair Chicago call the experts at 773-539-5858

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Emissions Repair Chicago

Your vehicle’s emissions system might seem simple and straightforward, but there’s actually a number of complicated components and designs that makes everything run correctly. Basically, an emissions system carries exhaust fumes away from the engine and toward the back of the car. However, these systems also limit the noise the engine makes and cleans the exhaust fumes.

Decreasing engine noise, helping environmental protection and boosting performance

Your car’s emissions system is necessary to your vehicle’s performance and its environmental impact as well. A leak in the exhaust system can make your car much louder than it should be and permit unhealthy carbon monoxide to seep into your car’s interior. Additionally, a broken oxygen sensor could cause performance problems too, which will impede your gas mileage. Inadequate catalytic converter function may cause the release of hazardous gasses into the environment, and even cause your vehicle to fail the state’s emissions criteria.

Whatever the problem may be with your vehicle’s exhaust system, the experienced staff at Triangle Auto Service is here to correct it promptly, affordably and get you back on the road. We’ll analyze the problem quickly and suggest the best solution for cost-effectiveness and performance.

Our Emissions Repair Chicago services offer solutions for: exhaust leaks, catalytic converter replacement, muffler repair and replacement, oxygen sensor replacement, airflow sensor replacement and more.

If your vehicle failed to pass the Illinois emissions test, we can fix it so you’ll pass the very next try. In Illinois, car owners need to have their vehicles inspected every two years to make certain all basic safety and emissions systems are operating correctly. A typical cause of state inspection failure is a malfunctioning emissions system permitting dirty exhaust fumes to exit the tailpipe. If your state inspection is coming due soon and you’re concerned that there could be a problem, come to us for qualified Emissions Repair Chicago.

Is your “check engine” light on? Vehicle emissions systems are a frequent cause of check engine light activation. Frequently, it’s an oxygen sensor, which assesses the exhaust and assists your engine’s computer in determining how to run efficiently. Check engine lights can also come on because of worn out filter sensors or catalytic converters. These actually are some of the main causes of check engine lights coming on, and any of these will cause you to fail the state’s emissions test.

Among the best ways to be sure that your vehicle will pass the test is to keep it adequately maintained by adhering to the factory-recommended servicing schedule. While some states require that emissions testing be conducted at a state-operated location, in Illinois you can take your vehicle to an approved shop like Triangle Auto Service.

For expert Emissions Repair Chicago or other solutions to all your auto repair needs, call us at 773-538-5858 for a free estimate or simply bring your vehicle in today at 4060 North Elston Avenue.