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Welcome to Triangle Auto Service – the Windy City’s neighborhood repair shop – we offer fast and budget-friendly Chicago Tune Up Service with the best quality parts and products. If your vehicle is not performing as well as it should, bring it on in to our shop at 4060 North Elston Avenue for:

* Thorough inspection of all engine components
* Spark plug and spark plug wire replacement
* Air filter replacement
* An oil change and oil filter replacement

Here are a few of the most common indicators that your vehicle is ready for Chicago Tune Up Service:

Chicago Tune Up

* A misfiring engine. This occurs when a vehicle’s spark plugs ignite at the wrong time. The cause could be worn out or dirty plugs. Bad plugs may also result in lower fuel economy, difficulty starting and slow acceleration for a vehicle. Most spark plugs should last for about 100,000 miles or more. A dirty, clogged engine air filter is more prone to reduce acceleration rather than affect fuel economy, based on tests performed by the EPA. Since filters get dirty over time, you might not notice a small but continual loss of performance until your car is accelerating noticeably slower. If the filter in your vehicle has not been changed for a couple of years that could very well be part of the problem.
* Engine deposits brought on by low-quality or dirtied fuel can cause drivability issues, and the solution for that may be a fuel system cleaning.
* A lit check engine light signals when something is wrong in your vehicle’s emissions control system. Depending on what the problem is it might also have an effect on fuel economy and engine performance so don’t delay in bringing your vehicle in for Chicago Tune Up Service. A malfunctioning oxygen sensor, for example, can prevent the engine’s computer from setting a correct air-fuel mixture – which can make the engine work harder and diminish fuel economy.
* An aging oxygen sensor that has 90,000 miles or more on it might still work efficiently enough that it doesn’t set off the check engine light but could still limit fuel economy. Engine performance may also be decreased by more severe internal problems such as valves that don’t fit properly, worn out piston rings or by limitations in the vehicle’s exhaust system.

In addition to our professional Chicago Tune Up Service, we also provide radiator repair and replacement, vehicle heating and air conditioning service, brake service, emissions repair, engine and exhaust system repair and plenty more affordable solutions that will keep your car, truck, SUV or commercial vehicle safe and roadworthy!

Because some of the very same symptoms can possibly suggest a number of different problems and there are frequently many possible causes and solutions, the wise move if your car isn’t running well is to consult our experienced service techs. Our Chicago Tune Up Service will assess the problem and get you back on the road promptly!

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We’re a full service automotive repair shop with many years of experience in a dynamic industry that’s always evolving. Whether it’s recommended preventative vehicle maintenance, major repairs or a basic Chicago Tune Up Service, our experienced and well-trained service techs can perform the same comprehensive service offered by most car dealerships.

Triangle Auto for your next Chicago Tune Up Service:

* Our shop has been at the same Chicago location since 1966
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