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Is your vehicle becoming more difficult to handle lately? If your commute doesn’t feel as smooth and comfortable as it once did, it might be time to bring your car or truck to Triangle Radiators for expert Chicago Shocks and Struts services. Our staff are highly-experienced, certified service technicians who can evaluate your vehicle’s struts, shocks and suspension system to determine if they’re in correct working condition.

Chicago Shocks and Struts

Chicago Shocks and Struts

Most car care experts generally agree that Chicago Shocks and Struts last approximately 50,000 miles until they become due for replacement. This figure can depend, however, on your vehicle’s make and model, your driving routines and the climate conditions you live in. For motorists who drive a lot of miles here in the Midwest, their vehicle’s Chicago Shocks and Struts may need replacement sooner.

The main function of a vehicle’s suspension system is to keep the body’s frame attached to the wheels while at the same time permitting a certain amount of movement and flexibility. It consists of several parts, including Chicago Shocks and Struts linkages and springs that serve to stabilize the vehicle’s steering, facilitate braking capability and to enhance vehicle handling. When a vehicle’s suspension system is functioning correctly it contributes to:

*Minimized road noises
*Diminished vibration and a more comfortable ride in general
*Extended tire lifespan and more effective braking capability
*Easier steering capability

When a vehicle’s struts or shocks lose fluid, sustain wear and tear or become damaged to some degree, it will make steering more difficult. Replacement of these damaged components as soon as possible is generally recommended to restore optimal comfort and safe operation.

Chicago Shocks and Struts – How They Work

Shock absorbers perform their important task by taking the kinetic energy of a vehicle’s suspension and then converting it into thermal energy that dissipates into the atmosphere through heat exchange. Shock absorbers can be viewed as a kind of simple oil pump. A piston that is attached to the end of a piston rod works against hydraulic fluid within a pressure tube. As the suspension moves up and down, the hydraulic fluid is moved through small holes inside the piston. Because these small openings only permit a minor amount of fluid to go through the piston, the piston slows down which, as a result, slows spring and suspension movement as well. Shock absorbers will automatically adjust according to road conditions because the faster the suspension is moving, the more resistance is provided.

When to Replace Chicago Shocks and Struts

If you are experiencing some of the following issues listed below with your vehicle, it is a sign that you should contact Triangle Radiator to have your struts or shocks inspected by our service technicians:

*The vehicle’s front end appears to dip downward when the brakes are applied
*The vehicle vibrates or even bounces while on the road
*The vehicle sways or feels like it’s leaning when you’re making a turn or a lane change
*Out-of-the-ordinary noises emitting from the suspension
*If it has been more than 50,000 miles since you last had your Chicago Shocks and Struts replaced.

Why delay to replace the essential parts of your suspension system? With new and always improving technologies along with our expert services, Triangle Radiator is your one stop solution for prompt and cost effective Chicago Shocks and Struts solutions. Whether you’re ready to have your shocks and struts replaced or would simply like to improve the comfort and smoothness of your car, truck and SUV, bring it on in to our full service facilities at 4060 North Elston Avenue or call us at 773-539-5858.