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Chicago Radiator Service

Chicago Radiator Service

The radiator is a vital component of your vehicle’s engine. Radiators perform the very essential task of eliminating heat and cooling the vehicle’s whole system. If it’s not functioning properly, it could possibly lead to significant damage. As one of the Windy City’s top auto repair shops, we’re dedicated to keeping your car in good condition so you can focus on your busy schedule.

While in some cases it can be easy to rely on a fast solution like leak sealant products or even duct tape when your radiator is showing signs of trouble, these aren’t solutions that will last very long.

Radiators are manufactured from slender aluminum tubes with other aluminum tubes mounted on them. This design permits the heat to move from the radiator to outside the vehicle. As well as the radiator itself, your car’s cooling system includes a water pump and thermostat that are both vital to the general function of your car. If one of these components breaks down, it may result in significant damage.

There are a number of signs motorists should know about that may signal you’re due for Chicago Radiator Service. If you have any additional questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us today at 773-539-5858:

* Internal corrosion
* Leaky or cracked coolant tanks
* Internal leaks due to the transmission fluid cooler
* Leaking or clogged radiator core

There are many various factors that could cause these problems to develop. Whether it stems from adding the wrong coolant types or simply because of usage over time, it is very important to care for your motor vehicle and address any symptoms of radiator trouble.

More common signs include:

* Steam rising from under the car’s hood
* A sudden rise by the temperature gauge
* Rust on the outside of the radiator
* A brown substance forming inside the coolant tank

Do not drive a vehicle that’s overheating because it can result in lasting damage to the engine. Likewise, do not add cold water into an overheating engine in an attempt to cool it down. This can actually result in the engine cooling too rapidly – which can cause cracks to form in the engine block. When this happens the whole engine may need replacement.

Radiator leaks are a relatively simple problem to detect simply because they’re hard to miss. A radiator leak of most any size can drip or spray coolant. The ensuing loss of important fluids usually brings about engine overheating that can cause even more harm if the leak isn’t promptly located and repaired. Leak sealant additives usually can stop minor leaks but are basically a stopgap measure. Some varieties of sealers, however, might increase the probability of deposits to form inside the vehicle’s cooling system and cause radiator clogs.

Radiator leaking that results from internal corrosion can be discovered practically anywhere on a vehicle’s radiator. Probably the most susceptible points for leaks to develop are where the tubes are connected to the headers. The root cause is nearly always poor maintenance of the cooling system, but it may also be because of connections between the engine and charging system.

Don’t wait too long to visit us for affordable Chicago Radiator Service if your vehicle has a leaking radiator or shows any of the other signs of trouble we have mentioned here. Bring in your vehicle today or call to schedule Chicago Radiator Service at 773-539-5858.