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When a vehicle’s air conditioner malfunctions the result is often leaking refrigerant fluid. This is not just bad for the environment, it is also bad for the vehicle’s compressor and evaporator. Getting Check Car Air Conditioning Chicago service at the earliest signs of trouble can save your time and money. Bring your car to Triangle Auto Service for fast air conditioning solutions before your comfort system troubles get even worse.

Check Car Air Conditioning Chicago

Check Car Air Conditioning Chicago at Triangle Auto Service – 4060 North Elston Avenue

At our full service repair shop, all air conditioning work is performed certified service technicians. Your car, truck or SUV is in capable hands with our experienced staff. They’ll assess your A/C system to identify if there are any leaks. If there are, we’ll stop them before it affects other components.

When summer temperatures climb, there’s simply nothing more rejuvenating than easing into a car with functional air-conditioning. But with use and time, fittings can get loose and hoses and seals can wear out. That hinders your car’s ability to keep that chilled air flowing. Don’t sweat it though – get the chill back with our affordable Check Car Air Conditioning Chicago services.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning is not working as well as it should be, Triangle Auto’s car care experts are well-practiced at assessing and fixing common problems like:

-Warm air blowing out of the air conditioner.
-Weak pressure when the air comes out.
-No air coming out.

After identifying the problem with your air conditioning, we’ll go over your repair options with you. Our techs can fix all of the aspects of your car’s air conditioning including:

-Seals, hoses and O-rings.
-Compressors, evaporator and condenser.
-Switches, relays, controls and modules.
-Blower motors.

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