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The warm weather’s dust, rising temperatures and constant traffic flow can really take a toll on your car. Along with the consequences of another winter, your vehicle is probably overdue for a Car Summer Inspection Chicago.

Car Summer Inspection Chicago

Car Summer Inspection Chicago

The best way to avoid mechanical breakdowns is consistent maintenance – your car will operate smoothly, reliably and command a better resale price if you choose to sell it. Let’s take a look at some of the main components of your car (or SUV or truck) – all of which we can assess and make repairs or updates if needed as part our affordable Car Summer Inspection Chicago:

Air Conditioner and Cooling System. An a.c. system that is already underperforming will most likely malfunction completely when summertime comes. Our seasoned service techs can examine your car’s air conditioning as part of Car Summer Inspection Chicago to ensure it’s ready to keep you comfortable when temperatures rise.

Typically the leading cause of vehicle breakdowns in the warmer weather is simply overheating. It’s recommended that cooling systems should be flushed fully and refilled approximately every two years. The levels and concentration of coolant fluid (antifreeze) should be looked at on a regular bases too. A half-and-half blend of coolant and water is generally recommended. If you check your car’s fluids on your own, do NOT take the radiator cap off until your engine is completely cooled down. Another aspect we look at for Car Summer Inspection Chicago is the condition of your car’s belts, hoses and clamps.

Oil and Engine Performance. Be sure to schedule oil changes according to the recommendations of your car owner’s manual. As rule of thumb, most vehicles should have an oil change about every 3,000 miles. For Chicagoans who do a lot of city driving more frequent oil changes are suggested.

Replacement of other filters like air and fuel are usually recommended as well in dusty, hot conditions. If your car is having problems such as hard starting and idling, stalling out or simply less power don’t hesitate to schedule a Car Summer Inspection Chicago.

Lights and Windshield Wipers. Dirty, streaked windshields are not only unsafe but can result in eye fatigue too. We can replace your car’s worn out wipers and top off your washer fluid, inspect all your vehicle’s lights, and clean out grime and dead insects from the lenses.

Tires and Brakes. We recommend that most vehicles come see us for a tire rotation each 5,000 miles. Car owners should check their tire pressure once per month. Also, check your tire pressure in cold conditions or if you have not driven the vehicle for some time. Remember to check out your spare tire too and confirm your jack and tire changing kit is in useable condition. If you visit us for Car Summer Inspection we’ll assess your tires for uneven wear or cupping and look at the sidewalls for tears and cuts. We’ll probably suggest a tire alignment if we detect uneven tread wearing or if your car is pulling to the side while driving.

Brakes are an important part of Car Summer Inspection Chicago as well. If you are noticing that your vehicle pulsates, makes noises or is simply needing more and more stopping distance, it’s a sure sign of brake problems that calls for service as soon as possible.

Batteries. Vehicle batteries can malfunction at any time of the year. We have state-of-the-art equipment to check the condition of your battery in a Car Summer Inspection Chicago. As for steps you can take for routine battery care: scrape off corrosion from the battery posts and cable connectors, clean the battery surfaces and confirm connections are firm enough. Be sure to avoid contact if there are corrosive deposits or battery acid.

Emergency Kit. This is something that all vehicle owners should have with them regardless of the time of year. Stock your vehicle with a first aid kit, a flashlight and safety flares.

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A few more Car Summer Inspection Chicago tips from Triangle to put your car on the road to consistent performance:

• Be sure that your engine runs at its very best. A spark plug that misfires can seriously lower your car’s fuel efficiency – even as much as around 30 percent. As part of Car Summer Inspection Chicago we can replace fluids and all filters as needed and as suggested by your owner’s manual.
• Do not ignore the “check engine” light. Contemporary cars, trucks and SUVs have cleaner tailpipe emissions when compared to vehicles that were manufactured 20 or 30 years ago. Still, an engine that runs poorly or a malfunctioning exhaust system can cause your car to emit pollutants more than it should.
• Keep your tires correctly inflated and properly aligned. This is not only easier on your engine and lowers fuel consumption, but also prolongs the service lifespan of your tires.
• Try to avoid excessive speeding or too many sudden accelerations. These driving habits consume a lot of fuel. If you’re waiting to pick up friends or family in your car, turn off the engine and try to combine routine errands to make less trips and reduce unnecessary drive time.
• Take out unnecessary items from your vehicle. Less weight naturally results in better fuel mileage.
• Protect your car’s interior. Take a few minutes to shield your vehicle’s interior from sun exposure. If you have leather seats in your vehicle, use a quality conditioner and apply it to every part of the interior to avoid cracking. Vinyl dashboards are especially vulnerable to changes in temperature. Store some convenient protectant wipes inside your car’s glove compartment and use them regularly to keep your interior looking good and free of cracks. If you have no choice but to park in direct sunlight at school, work or at home, invest in a sun shield to protect your car’s interior.

Summertime’s intense heat can have an impact on your vehicle’s components, but practicing consistent maintenance with our affordable Car Summer Inspection Chicago will help to keep your car running dependably for many years. Remember that you’re protecting against not just mechanical failure but against depreciation resulting from worn out interior components.

Keep Cool with Car Summer Inspection Chicago – How To Tell If Your Vehicle is Due for Cooling System Service at Triangle Auto

High summertime temps can result in radiators boiling over and vital engine fluids to evaporate. In addition to its job of keeping you and your passenger’s comfortable, your car’s cooling system regulates engine temperatures to optimize fuel economy. Cooling systems are essential to the reliable function of your car. Some of the warning indicators to be aware of are:

• Your vehicle‘s coolant light switches on.
• Your temperature gauge is higher than usual.
• Your car is simply not cooling or heating reliably.
• Coolant is leaking or you are getting poor fuel mileage.

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