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Car Safety Inspection Chicago

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On this post, we present some practical auto care tips to keep in mind as the temperatures go down.

Without a doubt, the last thing motorists want is to end up stranded due to a dead battery. If you have not yet taken at least a few of these preventive steps, do so soon so your vehicle is ready for winter.

-Battery check-up. When winter comes in Illinois, the freezing conditions are especially tough on your car’s battery. Chilly temperatures can significantly impede a battery’s cranking power. In fact, when the temperature is zero, a battery has about half the power it does at 80 degrees.

To give your battery a check-up, take off the plastic caps at the top and look at the fluid levels. (Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for assistance.) If the fluid is too low, just add water. If you have a maintenance-free battery, check the small window at the top of it to see it indicates a charged state. If it’s over five years old and shows symptoms of declining power, consider replacing the battery. For your convenience, you can bring your vehicle to our shop for a battery test. It may simply need a recharge. However, if it is worn out we can recommend a replacement and install it for you.

-Wiper blades. Your vehicle’s wiper blades probably require replacement more frequently than you may think. Even the highest quality wiper blades can begin to get less effective after only six months or so of use. Streaking or missing sections of glass are certain signs that the wiper blades are due for replacement.

Is Your Car, Truck or SUV Ready for Winter? Get a Car Safety Inspection Chicago

Car Safety Inspection Chicago – Although it’s possible to prolong their lifespan by cleaning the blade’s edges, it isn’t particularly effective in the long term. Instead, purchase new wiper blades for your vehicle. As a general rule of thumb, plan to replace the wiper blades twice yearly. It’ easy to install most wiper blades. Or, many auto parts stores will install them for you.

-Keep the windows clean. Naturally, it’s hazardous any time you are unable to see clearly through your windshield. Don’t rely on your car’s wiper blades to clear away ice of the windshield. Rather, use a sturdy ice scraper on those frosty, cold mornings. If you park your vehicle outside, put the wipers in the upright position if the forecast calls for snow. This prevents them from freezing against the windshield overnight.

With salt and dirt kicking up off the streets it’s a safe bet that you’ll be utilizing your windshield washers often. To that end, it’s smart to routinely fill your windshield washer reservoir with a winter-mix washing solution containing an antifreeze.

In addition, ensure the vehicle’s heater functions properly. Confirm that your heating system directs warm air to the windshield while in the defrost setting. To help keep your windshield from getting too foggy, run the air conditioner system so it dehumidifies the air.

Lastly, check that all your car’s lights work correctly and that the lenses are clear. It’s essential to have maximum visibility at nighttime and for other motorists to see you clearly.

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-Check the oil. Cold winter temperatures can be tough on engines. The cold tends to cause motor oil to thicken. Consequently, that makes it more difficult for the motor to turn over. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for recommendations on which engine oil is optimal for your vehicle. At any time of the year, it’s advisable to monitor your vehicle’s oil levels.

Generally, try to check the oil level at least once per month. Schedule service at Triangle Auto at the first signs of an oil leak. Also, pay attention to the color of the oil. It should look black or dark brown. However, if it appears lighter or milky, this may indicate that coolant fluid is leaking into the vehicle’s engine. Check closely for signs of metal particles in the oil, too. This could be a warning sign of damage to the internal engine. If you observe either of these signs, promptly bring the vehicle for a Car Safety Inspection Chicago.

-Check the defroster and the heater. This is essential for both driver comfort as well as safe, reliable visibility. During the winter season in Illinois, the defroster is critical for keeping your vehicle’s windshield clear.

-Flush the cooling system. The summer months can be tough on your vehicle’s cooling system and result in fluid loss via the system overflow. Check to ensure you have the correct mix for wintertime driving.

-Replace fuel and air filters. Anything that is restricting proper fuel or air flow will have a negative impact on engine performance.

-Replace oil and engine filters. Summer driving can take its toll on your car’s engine oil. Build-up of sludge can partially block correct engine performance. Engines need fresh oil. Be sure to select an oil of the appropriate weight for winter.

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Car Safety Inspection Chicago

  • -Check the ignition and battery systems. Car batteries aren’t fond of chilly winter weather. If there is a failing ignition component, it can cause difficulty starting the engine. That puts the driver at risk of getting stranded when temperatures get especially cold. Without a doubt, a battery check-up is a major part of a Car Safety Inspection Chicago.
  • -Replace worn down tires and check the spare tire. As mileage increases on tires, they get wear down unevenly and loss traction. If you consistently drive in areas with lots of ice and snow, consider getting new tires. Also, it’s beneficial to carry traction mats and tire chains.
  • -Get a brake inspection. Slippery winter roadways can be very hazardous if your car’s brakes are pulsing or pulling to the side. Bring your vehicle to Triangle Auto Service for a complete brake inspection. If your brakes are due for replacement, we’ll recommend which brakes are best for your vehicle and install them.
  • -Pack an emergency kit for winter. Without a doubt, preparation is critical for safe motoring in the winter. Be sure to store the following items in your vehicle:
  • -Ice scraper.
  • -Jumper cables.
  • -A small shovel.
  • -A flashlight with fresh batteries.
  • -Extra blankets and warm clothes.
  • -Water.
  • -Nonperishable snack products.

Car Safety Inspection Chicago – What seems like a minor problem in the summertime can turn into a major problem in the winter. Don’t risk getting stranded in dangerous conditions. Bring your vehicle to Triangle Auto Service for a tune-up today!

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Here are some of the most common warning signs that your vehicle needs new brake pads:

-Squealing or squeaking noise when you apply the brakes. The first signal that it’s time for new brake pads is when you hear noises while braking. While some brake noise can be normal in rainy weather, persistently squealing brakes are a problem. If your brakes are getting noisy, consider a call for help and bring your vehicle to Triangle Auto Service.

-The indicator light on the dash goes on. Another indicator of aging brake pads is a very obvious one: the indicator light comes on. In some vehicle models, there’s a sensor upon the brake pads that trigger when the pads get too worn. If your car’s brake light goes on, you’ll want to schedule a brake inspection by our service technicians. If the pads are worn, we can replace them for you promptly.

-Brake vibrations. Another common warning sign that it may be time for brake pad replacement is when the brake pedal vibrates. Is it getting difficult to safely stop your vehicle? Is the brake pedal vibrating or does it feel unsteady as you push down? If so, this likely means the brake pads are worn out. A vibrating or pulsing brake pedal is not correct. In order to prevent damage to your vehicle or risk an accident, schedule a brake inspection right away.