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Dependable performance and fuel economy can be significantly improved with routine maintenance by our expert service techs. Triangle Radiator offers our customers all of the services listed below – and lots more – to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Car Repair Chicago

Car Repair Chicago

*Brake fluid flush to reduce harmful deposits, improve brake response and performance.
*Fuel system tune-up to reduce deposits and increase engine function and horsepower. Also, clean out varnish and deposits in fuel injectors and combustion chamber.
*Complete engine oil service for efficient fuel economy. Cleaner circulates to clean and eliminate deposits. Old oil removed, new oil with filter added. Conditioner added to lessen friction, promoting extended engine lifespan.
*Transmission service to safely clean out damaging deposits, helps to smooth out rough, hard shifting problems, stop and prevent leaks, restore seals and extend fluid lifespan.
*Power steering service for safe removal of deposits, components receive lubrication which prolongs power steering system’s lifespan.
*Coolant system service to prevent risk of overheating, restore sufficient coolant circulation and heat transfer, remove rust and deposits, lube water pump and safeguard metal components.

Expert Car Repair Chicago and maintenance can entail a range of our services that will keep your car or truck on the road. Many preventative maintenance practices involve exchanging the fluids a vehicle requires to boost the lifespan of certain components. This can include service for fuel injection, antifreeze exchange, power steering, transmission and brake fluid exchange and oil change.

Maintenance and Car Repair Chicago – Wheel Alignment

Preventing Uneven Tire Wear and Protecting Your Vehicle’s Tires

It doesn’t take a lot for a vehicle to get out of proper alignment: from potholes and poor road conditions to standard wear and tear, there’s a lot of factors that take a toll. When a vehicle’s suspension becomes out of correct alignment, it can result in unusual handling and uneven, accelerated tire wear that shortens their lifespan. With correct alignment, you’ll maintain a much longer lifespan for your car’s tires along with a smoother, more comfortable motoring.

Professional alignment service involves:

*Assessment of the vehicle’s suspension system by a Triangle Radiator service technician
*Computer specified measurements for accurate alignment evaluation
*Adjustments to correct misalignment to original factory specs

To extend your tire’s durability and help vehicle fuel efficiency, it’s helpful to watch out for the common signs that the alignment is off:

*The steering wheel vibrates
*Uneven tire wear
*The vehicle pulls to one side
*The tires squeal

Brake Service – Triangle Radiator – Car Repair Chicago

All brake pads are not alike. The kind of brake pad that will perform the best for your car depends upon what type of vehicle you’re driving. It also depends on if you drive high mileage and what kind of weather conditions you’re in. At Triangle Radiator, our service techs will put their brake expertise to use and help you find the right brake pad and parts for your driving needs. If your vehicle is showing signs of brake trouble and the need for Car Repair Chicago, contact Triangle Radiators today at 773-539-5858.

Our excellent Car Repair Chicago brake services include:

*Assessment of your vehicle’s braking system
*Installation of your vehicle’s brake pads and shoes
*Inspection of your vehicle’s hydraulic system if applicable
*A test drive of your vehicle to assess the brakes

Triangle Radiator’s full slate of affordable maintenance and Car Repair Chicago also includes oil changes. We generally recommend an oil change every 3,000 to 6,000 miles for optimal engine performance. We also perform premium oil changes for most high performance vehicles.

Trust all your Car Repair Chicago needs to the experts at Triangle Radiators!