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Regardless of whether you’re driving an older model sedan or recently purchased a new car for the first time, any vehicle owner is aware that a car is a significant investment. Motorists drive with caution to stay safe on the roads and must carry insurance coverage for protection in the event of an accident. It’s also important to keep your vehicle in good condition. Responsible Car Care Chicago will keep your vehicle running smoothly, efficiently and prolong its lifespan. Below, you will find a few Car Care Chicago tips that you can follow to safeguard your vehicle and keep it running for years to come.

Car Care Chicago

Car Care Chicago – Check Fluids and Components

When a vehicle’s parts are damaged, it simply cannot function correctly. Similarly, your vehicle’s engine requires specific levels of fluids that enables each essential part to do its job. As part of a routine Car Care Chicago, briefly take a look at the following components and fluid levels in your vehicle to assure reliable performance:

Air conditioning and air conditioning refrigerant, coolant (antifreeze), belt, battery, brake fluid and brakes, hoses, oil, power steering fluid, tire treads, windshield wipers and fluid. Checking a lot of these fluid levels and parts can be challenging for motorists who are unclear what to look for. The most dependable way to accurately assess your vehicle’s parts and engine fluids is to bring it to the Car Care Chicago experts at Triangle Radiator for a convenient inspection and fluid check. We recommend scheduling routine tune-ups to keeping your vehicle’s engine and its transmission working smoothly and safely.

Check Vehicle Glass for Damage

A vehicle’s windows serve two purposes: to enable the motorist to see around them and to give protection while driving. When the glass is damaged, it can’t serve those functions. Beginning at your front windshield and walking around your vehicle, check your glass for chips, cracks or holes that could get worse. If you do see any damage to the glass, bring your car to Triangle Radiator to have it fixed. You might also consider calling your insurance carrier to see if you’re covered for any of these kinds of repairs.

Go to the Car Wash

Any kind of vehicle looks much less appealing when it’s coated in dirt and grime. To keep your car, SUV or truck looking its best, get it washed regularly. Whether you take your vehicle through an automatic wash at your local gas station or simply give it a cleaning with a garden hose and rag at your home, it will look much better. Even if you take regular Car Care Chicago of your vehicle’s exterior, its overall resale value can drop quite a bit if the inside is in poor condition. Take some time to clean out the interior to keep it uncluttered and organized. Vacuum the floor and seats a few times per month. If your vehicle has leather seats, simply use leather-safe wet wipe to clean them occasionally. You can also use wipes to clean off the middle console, the dashboard and other interior surfaces. It is also recommended that – when possible – do not park your car in direct sunlight.

Triangle Radiator – Full Service Car Care Chicago

When you need professional care to maintain your car, SUV or truck and keep it running smoothly, visit Triangle Radiator on North Elston Avenue. Our experienced, certified Car Care Chicago service techs will perform a thorough assessment of your vehicle and recommend what issues may need repair or replacement to restore optimal function and get you back on the road promptly and safely.