Car Battery Check Chicago

Car Battery Check Chicago

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The battery serves as the lifeforce of your vehicle. A battery is not only essential for starting your vehicle’s engine, it powers each of your vehicle’s electrical components too. Without a functioning car battery, you simply won’t be going anywhere until you get a new one.

How does a battery work?

Most of the time, starting a vehicle is as simple as turning the key or pushing a button. However, it’s the battery that does the heavy lifting. Starting your car’s ignition sends an electrical signal straight to the battery. A chemical reaction then occurs inside the battery. That reaction converts to electrical energy that gets the engine cranking. When a battery is dead, the car lights may flicker a few times but the engine will not turn over.

Replacing batteries and battery lifespan – Car Battery Check Chicago

The service lifespan of a vehicle battery depends upon how long it is able to retain its charge. Another factor is how long the battery will be capable of recharging. Once a battery is no longer rechargeable, it’s dead and needs replacement. A new car battery will typically last approximately four to six years. Weather conditions and car maintenance can affect how long a battery will last too.

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Once your car’s battery reaches three years old, begin paying close attention to how your car is running. It’s helpful to identify a problem before it starts impacting vehicle performance. However, the batteries in new cars don’t always warn you if they are about to fail. That’s why it’s smart to get a Car Battery Check Chicago whenever your vehicle is here for regular service. Remember that at some point every vehicle will need a new battery. The challenge is to know when yours is due before it dies and leaves you in a tough situation. Fortunately, our service technicians can keep you informed on the condition of your battery – which helps prevent unwanted surprises.

Here are a few telltale warning signs that your vehicle’s battery is going to need replacement soon:

-The engine is slow to start. As time and mileage add up, the components in your battery will start to wear down and be less effective. When this occurs it will take the battery longer to produce a charge to the starter. Consequently, you’ll end up waiting a little longer for the engine to start. Slow starting is often the last sign before a battery dies completely.

-Lights getting dim. The battery supplies power to each the electronic components in your vehicle. This includes everything from the head lights and the radio to the computer. As a battery loses its charge it soon gets difficult to run these components at maximum power. The more items you plug into your vehicle — such as a phone charger — the sooner the battery will die.

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-Check engine light goes on. In many cars, the check engine light can indicate a number of different things. One of those may be that the battery is running low on charge. Check your owner’s manual and get a Car Battery Check Chicago at Triangle Auto Service. We can assess if the battery is working at capacity and – if not – replace it for you.

-Unpleasant odor. Damage to a car battery or an internal shorting may cause it to leak gas. If you detect an unpleasant smell when you open up the hood, a battery leak may be the cause. Take your vehicle to Triangle Auto Service right away for a new battery if necessary.

-Corroding connectors. Are you noticing an ashy, white substance forming on the metal components of your car battery? It is a common sign of corrosion problems. Corrosion on the terminals, which are the positive and negative metallic connections on the battery, can cause trouble starting.

-Cracks on the battery case. The severe weather conditions of Illinois can have an impact on your battery’s lifespan. Exposure to heat and cold can even cause a battery case to expand and crack. If your battery case is anything but a rectangular shape, odds are it isn’t working right.

-An aging battery. Do you know the last time your vehicle had a battery replacement? Ideally and under optimal conditions, batteries will usually last four to six years. Factors like climate, driving habits and electrical use all contribute to battery lifespan. It’s a good practice to remain cautious and get a Car Battery Check Chicago regularly. This is particularly true for batteries over three years old.

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Why Batteries Die Quickly

Reusing the energy created from driving is what keeps your vehicle’s battery charged. If your vehicle sits for long stretches of time in the driveway, you risk killing the battery. Likewise, making quick trips that don’t permit the battery a chance to recharge put a strain on the system. Lastly, always remember to shut off your lights to preserve the battery.

Do New Batteries Need Charging?

In general, new batteries do not require recharging. When you get a new battery for your car, it comes fully charged. In years past, batteries would come “dry” and the distributors would fill them with battery acid. However, this is no longer the case. To confirm your new battery is at full charge, make sure that:

-The battery is sealed at purchase.

-It is a 14-volt battery.

-You purchase the battery from a recognized manufacturer.

Car Starter Repairs and Installation

Your car’s starter is critical for the reliable function and safety of the vehicle. If you’re concerned there’s a problem with your starter, Triangle Auto Services is here to help. Our service technicians will evaluate the issue and make the necessary repairs. With our shop’s convenient location on North Elston Avenue, it’s easy for you to bring your vehicle in for fast service. Our technicians can get you back on the road soon at minimal disruption to your routine.

We’ll evaluate the problems you’re experiencing with the starter, including slow starts, grinding noises or other warning signs. We may be able to fix the problem with a fast repair or it might require a starter replacement. Once we complete an evaluation, our team will recommend the best, most cost-effective fix. Finally, we can perform the repairs or replacement to restore your car to working order.

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Remote Vehicle Starter Installation

A remote starter enables you to start your vehicle by simply pushing a button. The car still remains secure and locked, but warms (or cools off) for you. Not surprisingly, this is a particularly in-demand feature in Chicago. Without a doubt, remote starters offers remarkable convenience during the winter. Triangle Auto Service performs installation of remote starters for all kinds of vehicles.

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