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Sort of like fingernails scratching across a blackboard, the sound of squeaking brakes is not a pleasant sound for anyone. Fortunately, our experienced service techs have the know-how to identify why your vehicle’s brakes are making noises and how to fix it quickly at very affordable rates. Here’s a quick rundown of what typically causes Brake Squeak Chicago and the best ways to stop it:

Brake Squeak Chicago

Brake Squeak Chicago

Worn brake pads. It’s no surprise that this is probably the most common cause of noisy vehicle brakes. As irritating as it may be, the noise does serve a purpose. It happens when the metal wear and tear indicator becomes exposed on brake pads. It emits a squealing noise to alert the motorist that the pads are due for replacement. Because Brake Squeak Chicago isn’t something one can visually assess – like motor oil or wiper fluid levels – it’s essential to take action when they get noisy.

Loose components. A motor vehicle’s brake system involves several parts. For starters, there’s the drum brake and the rotors along with calipers and hoses. If any of these components gets too loose they’ll vibrate and make Brake Squeak Chicago sounds. A part might just need to be cleaned and lubricated or perhaps adjusted. Visit Triangle Auto Services for a no-obligation brake inspection if your brakes are getting noisy.

Road conditions and weather. Snow, rain and humidity might also result in squeaky brakes. This is typically on account of moisture collecting on the brake rotors. To prevent weather-induced Brake Squeak Chicago, park your car inside your garage when you are able to. If it is wet conditions causing the noises then it should clear up fairly soon.

Prolong the Service Life of Brake Pads

There’s no set answer when it comes to how long brake pads will last. Things are different for every motorist and their driving practices. Fast starts, brief trips and lots of city driving, for example, will tend to wear the pads down faster than highway driving. Manufacturers say that brake pads will generally last between 25,000 and 65,000 miles. But how you drive has an impact on brake pads. Here’s a few easy to practice suggestions that will help you get more service life from your brake pads:

Just slow down. Driving a car fast goes along with braking fast. Fast braking produces friction, which then increases the wear on brake pads and decreases their effective lifespan – and can also cause Brake Squeak Chicago eventually.

Avoid riding the brakes. Going down a steep hill? Don’t ride your brake pedal as you travel down it.
Instead, just downshift if you have manual transmission or coast if you’re driving an automatic.

Travel light. Remove anything from your vehicle’s trunk, backseat or rooftop cargo carrier that is not truly necessary to make it that much easier on your brakes. Lower vehicle weight also means a little help for your fuel economy and less chance of developing Brake Squeak Chicago.

Practice engine braking. When you’re on the road and can observe that you’ll need to brake soon – whether you’re approaching a red light or coming up on some slower traffic – simply lift your foot off of the accelerator. This disengages the vehicle’s engine and lessens the weight load upon your brakes when you apply them for a full stop. Engine braking is a useful driving technique that helps to slow your vehicle without pushing the brakes. That means less wear and Brake Squeak Chicago.

If you’re hearing excessive Brake Squeak Chicago from your car, trunk or SUV don’t delay to get professional service – call for an appointment or simply bring your vehicle to our shop on North Elston Avenue!